CMCUC Church Urgent Response
(Sept. 2, 2020)
在 2020年9月2日 (剛過去的星期三) ,教會堂董會正式通過, 假若疫情沒有發生特別嚴重的變化, 教會建築物按照計劃9月20日局部重開。
  • 目前重開部分只限中文堂主日崇拜為主,英文堂崇拜及大部份教會團契及小組活動仍然以網上進行為主,直至今年年底後再作安排。
  • 教會物業管理委員會由簡潤威弟兄及黃啓仁醫生作召集人,按照B.C.省衛生部及聯合教會指引,已製訂了教會疫情下聚會的守則,過去兩週日在很多弟兄姊妹的幫助下已完成了大部分準備工作, 其中包括如何進出教會、設定安全警示內容及位置、在教會中每位教友需要遵行的守則等 , 並於上週三提交堂會討論及通過 。
  • 成立12人監察委員會 ,督導及協助中文堂崇拜聚會前、 崇拜中及崇拜後離開的安排,以確保同道在一個安全的環境中敬拜。
  • 第一次(2020年9月20日)預備回教會參加主日的同道,需要早45分鐘到達敎會,須要按照BC省衛生局規定, 在參加崇拜前需要量體温、手部消毒、登記及簽名等程序
  • 每位教友參加崇拜要帶兩樣東西: 自己的口罩及自己帶筆用來簽同意書
  • 若知道有需要特別協助的同道會參加主日崇拜,請家人/同道自己在崇拜前幾天先與高一峰牧師或教會行政助理Tony聯絡,方便分配人手,及商討可行性。
  • 教會重開,暫定聚會人數不超過50人,若崇拜參加者超過50人,會即時安排較年輕的參與者,前往教會其他房間,用參與直播的形式繼續崇拜。
  • 督導小組委員會在2020年9月20日(第一次教會重開的主日),需要提早一個小時15分鐘(即10時15分) 回教會準備。
  • 教會盡一切力量保障每一位參加教會聚會的同道,都有一個安全的環境聚會, 但由於疫情不在教會的保險賠償範圍內, 在疫情期間 ,每一位參加教會聚會的同道都需要在免責同意書上簽名, 免責同意書的內容刊登在下面。
  • 所有決定,以教會最新公佈為準,謝謝各弟兄姊妹配合。
以下是幾樣你需要特別注意的內容, 請點擊以下圖案放大觀看,其中包括 你們需要簽署的免責同意書中英文本內容。
On September 2, 2020, the church’s board of directors officially approved that if there is no particularly serious change in the epidemic, the church buildings will be partially re-opened on September 20, 2020 as planned.
  • At present, the re-opening part is mainly limited to Chinese church worship on Sundays. English church worship and most church fellowship and group activities are still conducted online, and review will be made after the end of this year.
  • Convened by the church property committee members Dr. Glenn Wong and David Kan, in accordance with the guidelines of the BC Ministry of Health and the United Church, it has formulated the rules for church gatherings under the epidemic situation. In the past two weeks, most of them have been completed with the help of many brothers and sisters. The preparations include how to enter and leave the church, set the content and location of safety warnings, and the rules that each member of the church needs to follow. It was submitted to the church board for discussion and approved on 2nd September, 2020.
  • A 12-person supervision team is established to supervise and assist the 11:30am worship arrangements for  before, during and after the worship service to ensure that the members join the worship in a safe environment.
  • For the first day  (September 20, 2020) return to the church to join the Worship on Sunday. You will expect 45 minutes to enter the sanctuary. According to the regulations of the B.C. Department of Health, the body temperature screen, hand santize, registration and signature on consent form are required before attending the worship service.
  • Each member must bring two things to participate in worship: your own mask and your own pen to sign the consent form.
  • If you know that there is members that needs special assistance to participate in Sunday worship, please contact Rev. Everest Kao or church assistant administrator Tony a few days earlier by your family/colleagues to facilitate the allocation of manpower and discuss the feasibility.
  • If the church is re-opened, the tentative number of participants attending meetings will not exceed 50. If there are more than 50 people, younger participants will be immediately arranged to go to the Dogwood room in the lower hall of the church to continue the worship by participating in a real time live broadcast.
  • The supervisor team needs to return to the church 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier (10:15am) to prepare on September 20, 2020 (the Sunday worship of the first church re-opening).
  • The church does everything in its power to ensure that every member attending to Church Sunday worship has a safe environment for gathering, but because the epidemic is not covered by the church’s insurance compensation, during the epidemic, every member attending our church meeting needs to be exempted from responsibility. The letter and the content of the disclaimer will be published on the church website below in both Chinese and English.
  • All decisions are subject to the latest announcement by the church board. Thank you brothers and sisters for your cooperation.
Restricted Entry        Process To Enter The Church