CMCUC Church Urgent Response
(May 28, 2020)



Chown Memorial & Chinese United Church                                                                  May 28, 2020

3519 Cambie Street

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 2W9

Dear Members of the Body of Christ – Chown Memorial & Chinese United Church;

You are being reached out to during this time of Covid-19, to make sure you know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

This letter comes from your elected governing body of CMCUC. 

We want to be sure you know ‘where we are” in coping with this crisis.

We also want you to learn how we are working on future plans for how to “be church,” together.

While we are in isolation from our church, we hope you are reaching out to us, especially our ministers, the Rev. Everest Kao and Rev. Judith Stark.  Please let Tony Sheir in the church office know if you would like someone to contact you.

Each of us copes and struggles in our own ways….yet we ask ourselves to remember that the Holy Spirit is always with us, to guide and to strengthen us.  Thanks be to God!

As you may know, our Board consists of the Chair, Dr. Elisa Yu, the Board Secretary, Kitty Lam Woo, along with Board Members David Kan, Cordelia Ho, Alexandra Choi, Kitty Chow, Peter Liu, Carrie Ye, Kenneth Kong, the Rev. Everest Kao, and the Rev. Judith Stark.

Patsy Seto is our Congregational Chair.

As a faith community of the United Church of Canada, we are functioning within the jurisdiction of the Regional Council.  We fall within the territory of the Pacific Mountain Region (PMR) (headquartered in Burnaby.)

By closing our building and worshipping online, we are following the safety recommendations of PHASE ONE of the BC Ministry of Health.

We will enter Phase Two, when the Covid-19 Safety Measures for churches are considered adequate, in accordance with the BC Ministry of Health.  This will be announced to us by the Pacific Mountain Region (PMR.)

We are keeping on top of the situation by numerous means, including having one of our clergy members attending weekly PMR Zoom update meetings.

If you are wondering why churches are having to obey stricter guidelines than many other organizations, see this statement below, published in a recent article of Christianity Today:

“The church is a high-risk setting for Covid-19 Transmission (spreading)

Dr. Daniel Chin, MD, MPH – Global Health Expert, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

In carrying out our duties as your CMCUC Board, you will want to know of the work we have been doing on your behalf. 

These volunteer tasks have been performed for the greater good of our church and its congregations – the 11:30am service and Cambie Village Church, as well as our Family Ministry, small group ministries, staff and tenants/renters.

Because our Offering revenues have dropped, we have been working hard to support CMCUC’s financial wellbeing, by:

  1. Requesting that monthly building costs, such as heat and cleaning be reduced;
  2. Approving the Property Committee (negotiated) concession with Cambie Montessori Children Centre, asking for a temporary 40% rent reduction…classes should return to normal in the Fall, after which the 40% deferred rent will begin being repaid;
  3. Reducing CMCUC staffing costs, by applying for both the Federal Government “temporary” wage subsidy of 10%, and the “emergency” wage subsidy of 75%;
  4. Balancing employee hours to prevent overtime costs;
  5. Applying for Covid-19 interest-free loan from the Pacific Mountain Region (United Church of Canada) of $10,000;
  6. Applying for an interest-free $40,000 loan guaranteed by the Federal Government of Canada (with a forgivable $10,000.) This loan is not yet approved – and needs church board and members to contact federal MPs frequently and insistently to promote approval for churches;
  7. Is working towards forming a small Congregational Safety Team to get ready for: “Stage 2 of United Church of Canada” congregations, to ensure there will be:
  • frequent and appropriate cleanliness protocols and actions,
  • contamination avoidance protocols and actions, and;
  • ongoing tenant/renter monitoring for Covid-19 Safety Measures once it is safe to begin the next Stages of Covid-19 Recommendations;
  1. Organizing easier and simpler ways for CMCUC members and adherents to increase donations during these difficult times.

We will continue to keep you informed.

In the meanwhile, if you have questions, concerns or ideas to help your church, please contact the leaders of your Board, Dr. Elisa Yu, Chair, Kitty Lam Woo, Board Secretary, or Patsy Seto, Congregational Chair.

You are always in our prayers, as we continue to worship together online, from the safety of our homes.

Please continue to stay well, and to pray for our church and its beloved members.

May the Peace of Christ be with you!

Elisa Yu                        Patricia Seto

Dr. Elisa Yu                           Patricia Seto

Board Chair                          Congregational Chair

Chown Memorial & Chinese United Church

慈恩紀念華人協和聯合教會                                                                                  May 28, 2020

3519 Cambie Street

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 2W9






當我們與教會隔離時,我們希望您與我們聯繫,特別是我們的牧師高一峯牧師和Judith Stark牧師。如果您希望有人與您聯繫,請告知教堂辦公室的佘雪明弟兄(Tony Sheir)。


如您所知,我們堂會主席于桂琴醫生、書記胡林潔怡、董事會成員簡潤威、何麗姚、黎倩儀、鄒潔玉、廖勝群、葉柒英、江俊樺、高一峯牧師和Judith Stark牧師。



我們將進入第二階段,根據卑詩省衛生部的指引,我們現時針對新冠狀病毒教堂安全措施就,是合乎摽準的。更新資訊將由太平洋山區(PMR。)向我們宣布。我們通過多種方式掌握最新情況,包括讓我們其中的神職人員,參加每週的PMR 視像會議。


“ 教堂是新冠狀病毒傳遞(傳播)的高風險場所 “











  • 經常且適當的清潔規程和措施,
  • 避免污染的協議和措施;以及
  • 一旦可以安全地開始下一階段的時候,對教會的租客/用戶,實行新冠狀病毒安全措施,進行持續有效的監控;

8 在這些困難時期,為慈恩紀念華人協和聯合教會會眾和參加者,提供更簡單的方法來接受及增加捐款。


同時,如果您有任何疑問,疑慮或想法可以幫助您的教會,請聯繫堂會主席于桂琴醫生(Elisa Yu)、書記胡林潔怡、 或教友大會主席:司徒翠霞。




Dr. Elisa Yu      

Patricia Seto