CMCUC Church Urgent Response
(July 12, 2020)


The Chown Memorial and Chinese United Church and Cambie Village Church is tentatively scheduling a special notice to reopen Church buildings and Services on September 20th, 2020.

 At the last Board Meeting on July 8, there was a decision to have a Tentatively scheduled reopening on September 20th, 2020; however, there are conditions and tenets during this time that have to be coordinated, implemented, and met with these following terms prior to this defined date:

  1. Need to review and implement the latest epidemic measures announced by he Ministry of Health of BC, Work Safe BC, and the United Church of Canada.


  1. The Church Property Committee is chaired by David Kan and Glenn Wong, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of BC, Work Safe BC and the United Church, must establish and compile the Covid-19 Safety Protocol for Faith Based Organizations which will include (not necessarily in this order) rules for meeting in the church outbreak, including how to enter and leave the church, setting the content and location of safety warnings, and having compliance of each member of the church who needs to follow these strict rules, etc.  In turn, the Committee will submit to the church for discussion and approval in a timely fashion prior to and well before the tentatively set opening date.


  1. The Chinese Church Ministry has existing members in the Church Property Committee, and will form a 10-person monitoring committee. In addition, the English Church Ministry will also set up a 5-person monitoring committee on its own to supervise and implement the Covid-19 Safety Protocols for Chinese and English Church Worship Services before, during, and after the event, and for each Fellowship and Group activities within the Church.


  1. If the church is reopened, the tentative meeting number will not exceed 50 persons. If the worship participant exceeds 50, younger participants will be immediately directed to other rooms of the Church and continue to worship in the form of live broadcast so as to satisfy the requirements of the Covid-19 Safety Protocols.


  1. The final decision whether to reopen the Church on September 20th, 2020 will be formally announced after the final discussions and resolutions are discussed satisfactorily at the September church board meeting (September 2nd, 2020).


  1. All decisions are subject to the latest announcement of the United Church and the CMCUC/CVC Board Committee. Thank you brothers and sisters for your cooperation.


1. 需要配合及跟從政府最新公布的疫情措施。
2. 教會物業管理委員會由簡潤威弟兄及黃啓仁醫生作召集人,按照B.C.省衛生部及聯合教會指引,開會編寫教會疫情下聚會的守則,當中包括如何進出教會、設定安全警示內容及位置、在教會中每位教友需要遵行的守則等 ,提交堂會討論及通過。
3. 中文堂由教會物業委員會為基礎,成立10人監察委員會 (英文堂亦會自行成立5人監察委員會),各自督導監察中、英文堂崇拜聚會事前、過程中,及事後的工作,以及各團契、小組在教會活動的事宜。
4. 教會若重開,暫定聚會人數不超過50人,若崇拜參加者超過50人,會即時安排較年輕的參與者,前往教會其他房間,用參與直播的形式継續崇拜。
6. 在9月份堂會會議(9月2日)中作最後的討論、議決通過後才正式公佈9月20日重開敎會的決定。
7. 所有決定,以教會最新公佈為準,謝謝各弟兄姊妹配合。